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The Art of Giving Feedback

We have written a handbook on the art of giving and receiving useful feedback. 

The term feedback originally comes from the field of engineering. Feedback occurs when information about the output of a process is fed back into that process. An easy example of this is the way your cruise control works. You will have noticed that your car maintains its original speed as you are driving uphill. Information about the reduced speed (outcome) is fed back into the system (input), the engine produces more power, and the car maintains the desired speed (adjusted outcome).

Feedback in organisations works in a similar way. It’s about feeding useful information to all the people involved in order to improve the collaboration. It is a continuous conversation. The final goal of constant feedback is constant development. Since change is happening all the time, we need to constantly observe, reflect and review what we all do and how we collaborate in order to evolve as an organisation that operates in a bigger context. Giving and receiving useful and powerful feedback will determine the evolution and the climate of your organisation. When done constructively and effectively, people will thrive, grow, feel proud of their contribution, stay loyal and go the extra mile. Recognising others and feeling recognised by others is essential to human existence and well being. 

Valuable feedback responds to the following criteria:

1. it is a conversation rather than a one-way message,
2. it focusses on development rather than on blaming,
3. it motivates others to adapt and improve their contribution,
4. it leads towards concrete ideas for a better contribution,
5. it improves and deepens the relationship.

In this handbook we present 7 tested ways to give useful feedback 

1. Self appraisal  
2. How to give positive feedback,
3. Correcting others,
4. Asking for feedback,
5. Share what you need to be at your best,
6. Receiving feedback with grace, and
7. Performance appraisal

About the book: 
45 pages
A5 format

Order the book:
Price: 10€ (ex. 6% vat) + shipping fee.
The book can be ordered via email: info(at)