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Solution Focused Retreat to align body, mind and heart

Find your inner compass to live and work with less effort

April 5 - 9, 2019 - residential training

When we ask today's outstanding leaders what is most important in their organisations, most of them say 'it's the People who work in the organisation'. When these people feel good about themselves, their eyes will shine, they will collaborate better with others, with pleasure and enthusiasm. They will love their jobs and go the extra mile! They will bring out the best of all the people around them. However, we see that when the going gets tough, leaders lose their patience and sometimes their humanity when dealing with others... Deadlines and challenges might kill the quality of the interactions, people get stressed, sometimes burn out... Results will go down. People leave. 
The art of calming down and balancing our inner state becomes more and more challenging. Leaders and managers don't only need to learn leadershipcompetencies but also learn how to manage and regulate their inner state, be present and have good quality interactions. They need to learn how to tune in to their body awareness and their intuïtion, so they can spread a calm and resourceful atmoshpere for others.
We are offering this space and opportunity in our intensive 4 days workshop that will help you to bring a new level of focus and energy in your life, both mentally and physically. 

We combine the beautiful conversation techniques of Solution Focus with the practices of mindfulness, movement and breathing. This is a powerful combination that will leave your body with very rich memories of how to better manage your inner state, also during the moments where life is challenging and work situations are tough. Moreover, during this Solution Focused* retreat, you will make room for what is important in your life now. Through the guided conversations, coaching and meditations that we offer, you will have better access to your resources and become more self-confident, creative and focused.