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Anton Stellamans

Liselotte Baeijaert 


"'Resilient people, resilient teams' enables you to grasp changes and to turn them into opportunities for personal and team growth. This book provides -often very simple but effective- guidance and tips for managers, team leaders, consultants or coaches engaged in positive change processes. It is written by two people that are living examples of the power of Solution Focus. The vision is that we carry the key ingredients to the solutions we need witing ourselves and within our teams. Developing the ability to uncover these and to progress on e small step at a time increases our resilience. I am enthusiastic!"

Lily Deforce, Phd Dir. Fairtrade Belgium. 



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€19,95 + Shipping costs

Belgium: €2,16/per copy, €3,6/per 2 copies

Europe: €6,60/per copy, €12/per 2 copies

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