When, during a recent Ilfaro leadership training in Berlin, the team of German managers came back from lunch, little did they expect to be denied access to the workshop room.


On the agenda was a training module on delegation: rapid growth and changing structures in their organization meant these managers needed to enhance their delegation skills.


You sometimes work with (large) groups... you would like to have an impact and get the participants in the driver's seat... You want to see them engaged, having fun and learning! You feel meaningful when they work on what really matters: their successes and goals. You enjoy seeing how they connect and collaborate! 

This workshop is clearly for you! 



Iedereen die kennis maakt met Solution Focus kan snel overweg met de basisinterventies en ervaart hoeveel sneller en leuker het is om samen te werken met mensen. Toch is het niet simpel om de echte kunst van Solution Focus te beoefenen. Ook na vele jaren praktijk kan je je kennis en kunde steeds verder verdiepen en verfijnen.

Een netwerk en praktijkdag is hiervoor een uitgelezen kans!