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Marco Ronzani

Solution Focused Mediation - 3x2 days

  • Maybe you have followed a training as mediator or conflict manager and you want to get practical experience in how to do mediation in the most effective way?
  • Maybe you are an experienced mediator and you want to learn a more simple and elegant method and become more effective?
  • Maybe you are a coach, consultant or manager and you want to be able to support your clients or employees in conflict resolution in a simple, elegant and effective way?


This course brings you directly into practicing the most advanced method of mediation. From the first day on you will get opportunities to act as a mediator under real conditions instead of role-play. You will learn solution focused mediation by experience and gain confidence and serenity in the process of supporting others in solution finding and conflict resolution. At the same time you develop your personal skills in handling conflicts and making constructive use of it.  

This unique event, organised by Ilfaro,  will take place in Heverlee, Belgium. If you like to know the dates and other practicatlities, please visit our website. The course is filling up quickly. 

The Modules

1st Module (2 days)

  • Finding the basics of solution focused brief mediation: conversation process, essential instruments and presuppositions of the model.
  • Experiencing the phases of conversation in the first session: Resource orientation, Agreement on the mediation, Preferred Future, Forerunners, clues, closure.
  • Understanding the differences of Solution Focused Mediation in comparison with other mediation models.
  • Exploring the paradigm shift concerning the understanding of conflict, conflict resolution, change and development according to the model of solution focused mediation.
  • Defining the own learning goals of the participants.
  • Doing mediation-sessions as mediator and clients from first day on.


2nd Module (2 days)

  • Consolidating of the basics of Solution Focus brief mediation
  • Experiencing the phases of conversation in the follow-up session(s).
  • Finding instruments do deepening and stabilizing resource orientation of the clients.
  • Exploring syntactic instruments for supporting the process of solution finding: scale work, tetralemma work.
  • Developing a solution focused attitude and a systemic-constructivist view as keys for the success of solution focused mediation.
  • Sharing and enhancing the own competencies in solution focused mediating.
  • Doing follow-up mediation-sessions as mediator and clients.


3rd Module (2 days)

  • Enlarging the repertoire of methods and tools for specific mediations-situations particularly using elements of systemic structural constellations work.
  • Transferring the process of solution focused mediation with two clients on groups and teams.
  • Changing own belief sentences concerning conflicts and conflict-resolution to become more resourceful and useful as mediator.
  • Reflecting the own learning and development and sharing steps to success.


Marco Ronzani

Marco holds both Italian and Swiss citizenships, studied law and philosophy in Basel and Bologna and was a researcher for several years at the Max Planck Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology in Freiburg/Br.-Germany focusing on initiating social change by development of the law-system. He earned his PhD (Dr. iur.) from the University of Basel with a thesis on disfunctionality of criminal law in environmental protection. 

In 1994, after living in Italy and the USA, Marco opened a law firm in Basel with colleagues. In 1998, after being trained by different masters, he started his career as professional negotiator, conflict manager and mediator. Successes in his new activities lead him to become a consultant for organizational development (OD) guiding and supporting changes in larger social systems. His goal to find a more simple and effective way to initiate and support more sustainable change brought him in contact with the new generation of constellations work of Matthias Varga von Kibéd and Insa Sparrer and the Solution Focus approach of the School of Milwaukee. He followed a 4-year formation in systemic structural constellation work with both masters and became a fellow in solution focus of Insoo Kim Berg and Luc Isebaert. So Marco had achieved his goal being able to initiating and amplifying self steered and organized lasting change in behaviour by changing attitudes, habits and beliefs of individuals, groups and organizations – simple, elegant and effective. 

In 2008 Marco founded together with friends the Ronzani Company, a group of excellent consultants for Solution Focused Organizational Development. They support projects of change of organizational culture in Europe and India.

At the same time Marco formed the methodology of a more simple and effective conflict management and mediation process on the basis of Solution Focus and systemic attitudes and beliefs of the coach and mediator to enhance his ability to initiating and amplifying lasting change. 

Marco likes to think out of the box und to improvise joyfully. He lives in Basel/Switzerland with his wife Franziska von Blarer and their two children. 


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